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What do I do?

Art is an opportunity to discover and experience. I feel that it is a reflection of what we see and feel each day. Each individual's interpretation of the world they experience is different. The end result is that each photographer has a unique way of capturing moments.

I love to capture moments. That special kiss between a couple on their happiest day, a father and daughter playing, a couple excited for their new family addition and even the transitional time that high school seniors experience between leaving childhood and adventuring into adulthood.

Who am I?

My name is Kristina Brown and I am artist based in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho. Professionally, I am a graphic designer. Art is what lead me to choosing my career path. Since I was very little, I have had a fascination for art and what the mind can create. Working with a vast variety of materials such as; pencils, paints, metal an even digital media, I am constantly expanding palette.

Recently, I have discovered photography. I loved the feeling that a photograph invoke. I believe that is why I mainly photograph people. This blog site encompasses my journey through photography. As you enter this site, I hope you enjoy the photos, and please feel free to comment.